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Seven Doors - a Reddit-Writing-Prompt inspired short story.nesitc.org 234 B
[WIP] The New Humans, Chapter One Hundred and Ten The Special Relationship.nhb4cs.org 253 B
Chapter 139 - The Daily Grind.nix3we.org 322 B
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Self-Promotion The Boros Bachelor.nid0de.org 888 B
Rationalist Giver Story.nhie8v.org 1.0 KiB
15-B – Leizu Pith A Fantasy Web Serial.nketc0.org 1.4 KiB
Pyrebound 16.4.nis4z8.org 3.4 KiB
[D] Friday Open Thread.nht7sz.org 9.2 KiB
Writers How do you keep your story from dragging with the extra worldbuilding rational fic requires How do you keep the explanation parts interesting and somewhat accessible.nfr0su.org 16 KiB
looking at this sub be like.nfh8ge.org 19 KiB
Of Monstergirls and Men [WIP].nhwwbi.org 25 KiB
147 Easy - Delve.nj0yak.org 25 KiB
Rationalist Tabletop RPGs.nfl8bx.org 28 KiB
Harry Juniper Potter-Evans-Smith (minor spoiler for Ch. 229 Worth the Candle).nipxoq.org 28 KiB
Are there any short rationalist stories detailing what an evil AI might do.nfz0kb.org 30 KiB
[D] Saturday Munchkinry Thread.nij8nc.org 38 KiB
[D] Monday Request and Recommendation Thread.njymyw.org 45 KiB
The Imperative.ngecan.org 46 KiB
[RT][FF][WIP] rAnimorphs the Reckoning, Chapter 52 (third to last chapter).nklia3.org 47 KiB